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Educational Programmes with an intermediary language (English)

Omsk State Medical University (OSMU) offers the following speciality:
Specialty: General Medicine
Field of study: Clinical Medicine
Level: Specialist's Degree
Code within the Russian education system: 31.05.01
Certificate, degree or qualification: General Practitioner
Language of study: Russian using English as an intermediary language
Mode of study: full-time
Number of academic years: 6
Number of semesters: 12
Total number of credits: 360
Number of credits per semester: 30
Total number of academic hours (1 academic hour = 45 minutes): 13288
State Accreditation Certificate № 3088 of 24.04.2019, valid until 24.04.2025.
Educational standards
Foreign students (specialty 31.05.01 General Medicine) are trained according to the curricula of the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education.