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Sahawat Jittharanont

        The clock alarmed, then my eyes opened up but still lay on the bed. My dad whispered to my ear that my flight was at 12.40. "Huhh! today is the first day of a long trip to Russia, the country which I have never dreamed to visit and also I don't know well about it." I hurried to be ready. I met my friends, Kiang and Winnie, at Suvarnnabhumi airport. During the checking-in, I saw many passengers and most of them were Russian people who were coming back.
        "Huhh Omsk? Which city?" many people used to ask me. I just answered them that it's located in Siberian region. In my mind, Siberian equals "very very cold". After four-hour flight, I arrived in Omsk airport. My friends and I felt so exhausted. Walking into the airport, we saw one group of Russian people, putting in their hands the paper “IFMSA”. They must be waiting for us definitely!! Sure and then they drove us to the dormitory, also. They were very kind to send us to dorm amongst very cold weather. After that time, I met many great people here, friends, doctors, patients, staff in our dorm, taxi drivers and people in the street.
        I have to admit that the main purpose to be here this time is to learn about culture and to open my view about the world. Still, I got an opportunity to join operation team for nephoectomy. For sure, this is the first time for me in nephrectomy case. The doctor, who is the head of Urology department (Kopyltsov Evgeny Ivanovich), was the leader, the guide light in the department. Once I have assisted to him. He is very professional; moreover, also he teaches me about the procedures. The whole operation finished in just forty minutes! Flawless!!! However, in the other cases, I was just an observer. Some of them I have  seen in my faculty, and few of them I never before. Sometimes the best ways to communicate with each other was using of gestures.
        Most of the time in every evening I spent on travelling in city centre with my friends from IFMSA group. They brought us to do many activities; going to museum, seeing a movie, theatre, going to the “ice city”, going to banya, going out to make “shashlik”, open swimming pool, watching hockey, ice-skating, shopping and also dining out. After that I can say I love hockey the most, because I have never watched it before and it was very exciting also.
        Last but not least, I have to say thank you to all my friends for very warm welcome! It's one of the unforgettable events in my life. For Kate, our LEO, she was a “supper mom” who also took care of us in many things. For Milana, my contact person, I like her house, that is very pretty. For Albert, he accompanied  us in many occasions. His face looks like Mr.Bean, I think. For Veronica, also came with LV handbag, she also joined us many times. For another Kate, she used to make me understand how cold the city is after walking for a kilometers to find a taxi. For Helena and Ivan, thank you for bring us to go to outdoor-swim. For Vladimir, a Michael, if travelling to Thailand, I'll join with you if you want! Thank for the Matryoshka doll! You are all beyond my expectation!
        The time elapsed so fast. I have to say goodbye to you all.