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Suttinont Surapuchong

   At first, I have heard about Russia that it is very cold place, lonely, with a fierce people, no English but beautiful cities, delicious food and wild bear.  I think that I will not do much about practice because there are no English here, so it is difficult to be an assistant on the operations. I think that contact person will not good taking care of us because they may have no time. I may live in bad dormitory so I prepared many things to do such as games, books, movies and music. But when I arrived in Omsk city - My first impression was different!
   My first impression was warmly welcome by LEO and contact person here. They came to pick us at the airport with blueberry pie. They provided everything for us! Good accommodation, good guide for traveling, and good friends. They looked at our clothes and they thought that it was not warm enough so, they brought a lot of clothes and shoes for us. They always concern of us especially Blauman Ekaterina, LEO IFMSA Omsk. She is very good caregiver.
   At dorm, we had good housekeepers. There were three housekeepers here with no English. Actually, we lived in the hospital but we called it “home”. These three housekeepers took care of us like we were children! They asked us every time when we went out. It was very difficult to communicate with them at first week but after that we could easily communicate with them. Why? I think because we and they tried to understand each other. I think this is my achievement here because I can destroy language barrier. Although, I did not understand every word, but I knew what they want to tell us.
   About practice in the Hospital, we went to two departments that were abdominal surgery and Urology. First was Abdominal surgery, we found many doctor. They took care us good. They always told us about which room has an operation. When we were in the operation room, the doctors who controlled the operation, always told us what are they doing, what is this, what is this operation call, what is this tools call something be like that. Although I did not get a chance to be an assistant in operation, nevertheless we did not feel as the outsiders. Second was Urology, doctor give a chance for us to be an assistant in laparotomy nephrectomy operation. We felt very exciting! That doctor is a chief of Urology department. He is very kind and very smart. Since he cut skin until he took a kidney out from patient body, It took only 15 minute! That is very fast! He is very skillful! We like him. Actually, the number of doctors from two department that can speak English fluently was few but everybody tried to teach and tell us.
   After practical program, I can prove that I've heard does not true! This city is very cold. Yes. I confirm it. This city is beautiful with delicious food. I confirm it too. But people in this city are not fierce! They are kind. They are helpful. Many people asked me about where I am come from. I said Thailand. Many people knew how to say hello in Thai language! It's great! Important, no loneliness in my mind since I had come to this city until I’m going back home! I feel warm and safe to be here!
P.s. I have bought national Russian “VALENKI”! I’m very proud of it!