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Victory in All-Russian competition HEALTHY UNIVERSITY!

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The large-scale All-Russian competition among educational institutions of the Russian Federation of all fields of study “HEALTHY UNIVERSITY” has taken place. The competition was organized by the Council on the Drug Addiction Prevention under the Council of the Federation together with the Association “Healthy Cities, Areas and Settlements” and Bauman Moscow State Technical University. 86 universities-participants “from the Far East to Kaliningrad” presented their competitive materials to the jury. The staff of Omsk State Medical University have collected and prepared the necessary information on health-saving activities in the University for five months. The result of this work was a deserved and fair victory in the competition and awarding our institution the title of “HEALTHY UNIVERSITY”.

On December 21, in Moscow, the Federation Council hosted an award ceremony, where the diploma of the winner of the “HEALTH UNIVERSITY” competition and the prize was received by Gennady LYAMIN, Vice-Rector for Extracurricular and Social Activities.

All the participants noted the importance of holding such events, as they, among other things, contribute to the creation of an effective prevention system in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

We would like to thank all the employees of Omsk State Medical University for carrying out the activities within the framework of the programme for the rehabilitation of all participants of the educational process, as well as for their active participation in the preparation of materials for the “HEALTH UNIVERSITY” competition. Your work is highly marked by the organizational commission, continue to raise the level and reach new heights in the field of health saving.