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Omsk State Medical University: 100th Anniversary (1920-2020)

Omsk State Medical University is one of the oldest universities of Siberia; it was founded in 1920 as the Medical Division of Siberian Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Zoology which enrolled 186 students. In 1921, West Siberian State Medical Institute was created, its first rector was Nikolai K. IVANOV-EMIN. In 1924, it was renamed as Omsk State Medical Institute.
In autumn 1931, the Maternity and Child Protection Faculty was established which was later reorganized into the Pediatric Faculty. The Sanitary and Hygienic Faculty was founded in 1938 (now it is the Preventive Medicine Faculty). In 1957, there was the admission for the Dentistry Faculty. The fifth faculty established was the Faculty of Pharmacy which started to enroll students in 2002. In 1994, the Institute was granted with the status of State Medical Academy. On the 5th of December 2011, Omsk Medical College was affiliated with Omsk State Medical Academy.  In 2015, the Academy was assigned with the status of University. Among its graduates there are more than 350 doctors of sciences, 1600 PhD holders, more than 1000 Excellent Workers of Public Health, 259 Honored Doctors of the Russian Federation, 6 Honored Scientists of the Russian Federation, 8 Honorary Figures of Russian Higher Education.
In 2020 The Omsk State Medical University has its 100th anniversary. For the whole century the university has been training qualified health specialists who are in demand worldwide.