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Полезные ссылки для медицинского английского

  Trip Medical Database: A clinical search engine designed to allow users to quickly and easily find and use high-quality research evidence to support their practice and/or care and/or materials development. As well as research papers, other content types including images, videos, patient information leaflets, educational courses and news. 
UPMC: Affiliated with the University of  Pittsburgh Schools of Health Sciences, this is a fantastic website. There are a good many videos, some with transcripts and information for patients and professionals alike.  www.upmc.com   
Medline Plus:  Another rich source of written information and videos and 'cool tools' for patients. The site provides links to all manner of material: journal articles, research and trial info, pharmacological information, patient information, popular news stories, quizzes and games- in short, something for all level and type of student.
Patient: UK based site that provides all manner of patient information in the form of leaflets, videos, slide shows, infographics, etc. It's bright and user-friendly. There's also a lot of material aimed at professionals. www.patient.co.uk  
NIH Senior Health: US patient information site focused on the older population. Has some useful videos, easy-read articles and follow-up 
NHS: The NHS portal packed full of useful text and videos relating to disorders, illness and medical procedure. www.nhs.uk
Drug Dangers: An interesting, consumer-oriented association (set up by a lawyer) that takes a different angle - when things go wrong. There's a lot of information about prescription medications and medical products that have been the subject of investigation and/or litigation. Could be very useful for case study teaching. 
English Train: English for Health Professionals. Broader issues relating to working as a healthcare professional in the US.  http://welcomebackinitiative.org/englishhealthtrain.org/       
Project Care at World Ed: With a handful of themed units, this site (based on a book) has well-written lesson outlines with a good skills balance. http://projectcare.worlded.org/
Flinders University Study Aids: Clinical Communication lessons for nursing from Flinders Uni in Australia. This is a really nice resource particularly as it comes with three patient videos and very useful resources for discussion, preparation or extension.  http://nursing.flinders.edu.au/students/studyaids/clinicalcommunication/
NHS Careers: Another great resource from the NHS, this time focused on professions.  www.nhscareers.nhs.uk
Step into the NHS: Great videos with transcripts and interesting case studies. Developed specifically for students who may be thinking of a career with the NHS. 
Science Daily: A valuable source of up-to-date articles on a huge range of scientific topics. Very clear organisation into topic areas makes it easy to find relevant reading material for specific health professions. www.sciencedaily.com  
MedicalXpress: A great variety of medical news stories. Stories are short enough to be useful and covere a wide range of subjects under the heading 'Medical'. There are also some videos available. Many stories come with suggestions for further reading.   www.medicalxpress.com
English Med: One of the first specialist medical English sites. Particularly good for animated videos and self-access resources for ( more advanced) students. www.englishmed.com
Talking Medicine: There's not much here but there are some very useful audio recordings of case histories, presentations, interviews and short reports. Aimed at learners of medical English. www.talkingmedicine.com
TED: no list of teaching material would be complete without including TED. A great source of fascinating, inspiring, thought-provoking, moving and funny presentations from speakers from across the globe. The interactive transcripts and multi-language subtitles mean even lower levels can benefit. A great range of topics, including medicine & science and technology. http://www.ted.com
TED-ed: TED's educational off-shoot.  The growing collection of (mostly) animated videos make (sometimes) complex issues distinctly easier to understand and thus are very suitable for low-int /intermediate students.  There are a comprehension questions and ideas for developing the topic and all material relates to a video. Best thing of all is that the original material can be tweaked, edited or completely re-written by you, the teacher. http://ed.ted.com/
Society for General Microbiology: Website for microbiology professionals and students; includes educational resources area with attractive downloadable materials as well as an archive of published articles on microbiology topics and links to related videos. www.sgm.ac.uk
American Society for Microbiology: Hot-off-the-press news in microbiology and some very nice educational materials including podcasts and videos. A members' association with career advice, books, a magazine and access to scientific journals. www.asm.org
Society of Radiographers: UK members' association representing the educational, professional and workplace interests of radiographers both in the UK and overseas. www.sor.org
Aunt Minnie: Well-known site radiology site.  Particulary good for up-to-date news and case studies. Also Aunt Minnie Europe. www.auntminnie.com www.auntminnieeurope.com
Radiology Info: A very clear site which is particularly good for video. Masses of easy-to-read information organised by procedure, body part or condition. Includes a very useful glossary of terms. www.radiologyinfo.org
Image Gently: The site of a pediatric radiology awareness campaign, full of useful patient and professional information, attractively presented and with some listening and video material too. www.imagegently.org
Anatomy and Physiology
Primal Online Learning: An award-winning site, Primal Online Learning is ( odd name notwithstanding) a wonderful resource for those teaching, and learning about, anatomy and physiology. Includes 3D interactive modules and narrated animations. Very teacher/faculty friendly.     www.primalonlinelearning.com
Ken Hub: Free and paid text, video, images, quizes to learn anatomy. Aimed at the self-study student but great for class work too. https://www.kenhub.com/en
Choosing Wisely: A fabulous set of interactive, instructional communication training modules, developed in collaboration with nine medical specialty societies.  The site also includes videos and consumer information. www.choosingwisely.org
Each: The website of the European Association of Communication in Healthcare.  A very useful members' association for those involved in communication research and/or training.  The site has some very interesting teachers' resources. www.each.eu
Onestopenglish: Known for its enormous range of general teaching materials, onestop also has specialist ESP material including a number of worksheets for nurses by Ros Wright and Marie McCullagh. The worksheets include a listening/podcast and are aimed at intermediate and above. The site requires membership though the first worksheet in the series is available free. www.onestopenglish.com/esp/nursing