The Library of Omsk State Medical University (OSMU library) is one of the oldest libraries among medical libraries in Russia. The library of OSMU was founded in 1921 in newly established West Siberian State Medical Institute.
During its first years the staff of the library consisted of 3-5 employees, all of them were researchers of the Institute. The sources formed the collection of the library were the books donated by Omsk doctors; moreover, books and textbooks were purchased from private parties and organizations and also ordered abroad. The systematic gathering of library collection started in 1926 when the Institute was funded by the state budget.
The new departments appeared, the area was expanded:
1925 - the circulation department of course books opened,
1934 – the circulation department and the reading hall for students,
1939 - the reading hall for faculty.
At the end of 1940s the book collection increased almost tenfold in comparison to the initial one.
Nowadays OSMU library is one of the leading university libraries in Russia. For readers there are seven circulation departments, five reading halls. In its collections there are the medical and social and economic literature, theses, synopses of theses, periodicals, informational and bibliographic and reference editions, foreign literature.
Lyudmila V. Luzyanina has been the library’s head since 1991.
The processes of editions circulation, information search, delivery of documents within the inter-library circulation department are automatized; the electronic reading hall with access to databases in Russian and English is available. In 2011 the full-text database including the university staff’s works was created and it is constantly being filled. Scientifically based the subject indexing of documents in library’s databases via MeSH thesaurus is carried out.
OSMU library today:
  • a member of the National Electronic and Informational Consortium (NEICON);
  • a member of the Association of Regional Libraries and Information Consortium (ARLICON);
  • a participant of the project Russian Medicine. Articles;
  • a participant of the project of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation on creation of the Federal Electronic Medical Library;
  • a participant of the project the Information Access System to Electronic Catalogues of Libraries in the field of Education and Science in the framework of the united Internet resource (IS ECLFES).
The library has specified the main activity areas:
  • preservation of library collection through creation of electronic library, digitization of the rarest and most valuable editions;
  • further development of cooperation between libraries and information centers in information exchange.