The research activity of the University is conducted according to approved plans of research studies at departments and structural subdivisions (at 65 departments, Central Research Laboratory (CRL), Research Laboratory of the Dentistry Faculty).
               The main research areas of the University are:
1) Quality management system of environment and population health for implementation at the Regional level.
2) Fundamental basics for treatment of dermatosis and syphilis.
3) Molecular cellular basics for monitoring risk of developing gastric cancer and personification of secondary prevention.
4) Molecular genetic basics for diagnosis, personification of prognosis and rehabilitation of patients with connective tissue dysplasia.
5) Mechanisms of development, diagnostic and prognostic criteria and ways to correct functional metabolic and structural lesions in critical and terminal states.
6) Developing methods of personified treatment and prevention of dental diseases.
7) Burning issues of reproductive health services and perinatal pathology in the Regional aspect. 
8) Burning issues of the Pharmaceutical Science in Siberian Region.
9) Developing and introducing high technologies of diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases into the clinical practice.
10) Scientific justification and development of new technologies to improve quality and health status of adolescents and children.
               The main types of research are fundamental and applied research, carried out within the state target of the Ministry of Public Health; grants of Russian foundations supporting research studies; commercial agreements; initiative research and development activities.