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For practical training – thousands of miles away

OSMU receives foreign students for summer practical training.  

Students from universities of Syria, Portugal, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Greece, Lebanon, China, Romania, Slovenia and Germany have chosen Omsk State Medical University to get acquainted with Russian Medicine.  

A group of 11 students have started their medical practical training at the Omsk Regional Clinical Oncology Center since August 1, and two students from Bochum, Germany began their training at the Department of Forensic Medicine, Legal Studies of OSMU since August 13.

Great interest in practical training in Russia among foreign medical students is due to the fact that the Russian school gives more opportunities for studying medicine directly at clinics, at the patient's bedside. And this allows them to acquire and improve practical skills.

In turn, Omsk students are sent for internships abroad within the exchange programme. This year, 18 students and 1 first year resident have completed practical training in Germany, Slovakia, Brazil, Turkey, Poland, Greece, China, the Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, Africa, Estonia and Romania.