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Force Majeure on Board the Plane

OSMU student team: Gennady Sidorov, Anna Arzhayeva, Ekaterina Virt, Darya Gylka, Alexandra Zhurba and Ksenia Kanygina, who were returning in the “Moscow-Tyumen” flight after a successful performance in the All-Russian Olympiad on Therapy, were awakened by the announcement of the plane crew half an hour before landing, “Doctor needed!”
Fifty-three year old passenger was found in moderately grave condition, in a crouched position in the aisle between seats with the head inclined to knees. He complained about the pain in the lower back, which afterwards became stronger and spread to the abdominal region, nausea, weakness, sweating. His skin was sallow and wet. His pulse rate was 92 per minute. Colleagues quickly collected anamnesis, conducted an examination, abdominal palpation, excluded the main
symptoms of appendicitis. They made a provisional diagnosis: kidney stone disease, right-sided renal colic. The passenger was provided with medical assistance and reassured, and the plane crew were instructed about the need to call an ambulance to the plane's ramp. The necessary information was delivered to the medical emergency dispatcher at the airport. After landing, the passenger was handed over to the on-call paramedic. So the force majeure on board the plane was successfully solved by efforts of our students.