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Health lesson in MEGA

Health lesson in MEGA
Dental students gave a health lesson to visitors of MEGA shopping mall just prior to May holidays. The event was organized and conducted by Smile volunteers with support of the Russian Association of Young Dentists and R.O.C.S. Company.
It should be noted that students of all years of the Dentistry Faculty took part in conducting a health lesson. The ability to speak about the secrets of a healthy smile and the link between the oral cavity and the whole body as a whole is an important skill.  It is useful both for the population and for volunteers.

In modern culture, a visit to a shopping center is aimed not only at purchasing certain goods, but also for a pleasant pastime. Adults, children and adolescents are open to communication.
The health lesson in MEGA was completely different from the previous ones. Firstly, it differed by its format. The creative telling with an interesting presentation kept listeners at the edge of their seats. Questions from visitors are the best proof that the health lesson was a success.
Dental students told about healthy nutrition and peculiarities of oral hygiene care, shared their dental life hacks and gave professional gifts to the most active listeners. Besides, there was “The Smartest” contest with questions on body health and oral hygiene.
It is worth mentioning the organizers of the health lesson: Anton Smetanin, a 4th year student, Anastasia Mook, the monitor of Smile and 5th year student, as well as Dean of the Dentistry Department, MD, PhD L.M. Lomiashvili and Assistant Professor of the Pediatric Dentistry Department, PhD in Medicine I.M. Voloshina.