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International Dentist Day 

February 9 is celebrated as the International Dentist Day - a professional holiday for the teaching staff and students of the Faculty of Dentistry.

The Faculty of Dentistry of the Omsk State Medical University is actively developing. The staff of the Faculty implements the most advanced educational technologies, conducts fundamental scientific research on the burning issues of dentistry, and uses modern treatment and prevention methods in the clinical work.  

Due to the development of scientific research at the Faculty, the Omsk Scientific School of Dentistry was created to form new directions in developing methods of treatment and prevention of dental diseases based on the previous fundamental research. Together with developing methods of personification of dental diseases, it became a complex research topic for the Faculty.

Results of scientific research at the Faculty are the following:

  • discovering previously unknown features of structure and properties of tooth enamel, normal and pathological mechanisms of its functioning;

  • discovering the micelle-like structure of saliva;

  • proving the role of biocybernetics in enamel formation and functioning;

  • discovering new aspects of the pathogenesis of dental caries;

  • proposing a new approach to define the caries resistance of human teeth;

  • developing new methods of diagnostics of dental caries, non-carious tooth surface loss, pathological enamel abrasion, marginal permeability of dental fillings, parodontal diseases;

  • designing and patenting products to improve mineralization, demineralization, remineralization, and regulation of mineral metabolism in the oral cavity;

  • proving the role of dental reduction in teeth development;

  • developing new approaches to model-based teeth reconstruction;

  • proving the negative effect of computers’ electromagnetic radiation on dental health and proposing prevention methods;

  • analyzing chronic non-neoplastic diseases of the parotid glands;

  • evaluating and predicting reparative processes and optimizing the treatment of patients with jaw injuries caused by different impacts in patients with connective tissue dysplasia;

  • studying aesthetic prosthetics in the aspect of assessing the marginal parodontium;

  • evaluating the interaction of the craniomandibular and craniocervical systems in functional disorders.

The education process at the Faculty of Dentistry includes both theoretical knowledge and clerkship: since the first year of study, students can take part in a patient’s visit. The staff of the Faculty implements the advanced educational technologies using interactive teaching methods, visual aids, and educational films. During the 64-year history of the Faculty, its staff got many patents and made dozens of discoveries. The teaching staff also annually takes part in international scientific and practical conferences, including foreign ones, and in grant competitions.

The student’s science also remains on a high level. Students can try their hand at science by publishing their research or taking part in conferences. Some of them often win prizes at scientific competitions of various levels.

We wish the teaching staff and students of the Faculty of Dentistry good health, great scientific achievements and victories, and creative longevity and prosperity!  

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