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Omsk innovations: OSMU scientists for Practical Public Health

The cooperation between the Pharmacy Department of Omsk State Medical University and Omsk Pharmaceutical Industry has a long and rich history. The tradition of giving seminars and lectures on new preparations in chemist’s shops by the University staff for chemists and practicing doctors was implemented decades ago. The foundation of the Pharmacy Faculty gave impulse to the development of OSMU cooperation with network of pharmacies. The pharmaceutical industry greatly needed the specialists, and OSMU was charged with a task to train specialists for particular Omsk pharmacy organizations.
Chief freelance clinical pharmacologist of the Ministry of Public Health in Omsk Region, Head of the Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology Department of OSMU Sergey SKALSKY tells how OSMU scientists develop preparations and put them into production on the basis of a pharmacy network “Omsk drug”:
 “The peculiarity of “Omsk drug” pharmacy network is the availability of existing pharmacy production. While it is almost cut down in the country, in Omsk we have an opportunity to develop exclusive medical formulations. Such cooperation greatly contributed to making lives of many patients easier.
One of the outstanding examples of this cooperation is the development of exclusive formulations for patients with nonspecific ulcerative colitis.  There are no means to cure this disease completely, and all existing foreign-made drugs are too expensive. The staff of our University together with Interim Rector Maria LIVZAN have found the alternative way to solve this problem at a reasonable price.”
In the course of cooperation between OSMU and “Omsk drug”, prophylactic anti-caries toothpastes and gels, which were developed at the Research Laboratory of the Dentistry Faculty, are successfully put into production.
Thus, Omsk residents can buy preparations developed by scientists of Omsk State Medical University in pharmacies of the City.