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Unique patient of Prof. Oleg LEBEDEV

Within the framework of the "Glory to the Heroes of Labour" Project initiated by S. I. Manyakin Fund, Prof. Oleg I. LEBEDEV, Head of the Department of Ophthalmology, has examined a unique patient, Lidia S. LEONOVA, the only woman in the Omsk Region awarded the Title the Hero of Socialist Labour.

S.I. Manyakin Fund patronages the woman, and two years ago she was awarded the S. Manyakin Order of Glory for her outstanding service and personal contribution to the development of the Omsk Region.

Stepan S. BONKOVSKII, a member of Legislative Assembly and President of S.I. Manyakin Fund, has attended the appointment together with the patient.

«Lidia LEONOVA worked selflessly for the benefit of the country and the Omsk Region for many years, and our care for her is the smallest thing we can do to express our endless gratitude! On behalf of S.I. Manyakin Fund, I would like to thank Omsk State Medical University and Maria A. LIVZAN, Rector of the University, for our cooperation and the organization of many joint projects and social events», - said Stepan S. BONKOVSKII.

Lydia LEONOVA underwent the standard ophthalmological examination, and then Prof. Oleg I. LEBEDEV made a diagnosis and determined further treatment strategy.


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