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Volunteering for the COVID-19 Pandemic Response

In May 2020, the Government of Omsk Region created a Unified COVID-19 Counseling Center to inform citizens about the prevention and treatment of the new coronavirus. More than 100 students of the Omsk State Medical University work there as medical volunteers. It is a huge experience for them to communicate with various groups of population and to give them a psychological support.
Initially, there were a lot of hotline calls from the population who were concerned about their health, asked for some detailed information on social benefits, planned hospital admission and so on. At present, the number of calls has reduced, but the call-center is still working day and night.
Moreover, the staff of the Ministry of Public Health in Omsk Region and the Federal Service on Surveillance for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare work in the Center where they train and support volunteers in their challenging activities.
Thus, performing their duties all OSMU volunteers demonstrated once again their team spirit, empathy and devotion.