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Heart warmth (Teplo dushi)
Volunteers of the Heart warmth help and support elderly people, retirees and veterans, who live in geriatric centers or at home.   
We prepare various events, usually devoted to holidays, for those who live in geriatric centers.
Volunteers sing, dance (with spectators as well), hold competitions and give presents. Sometimes we bring children from remedial schools to our senior friends. Such meetings are especially touching. Despite their disabilities, children prepare presents in advance, as a rule, rag dolls and give them to elderly women and men. Faces of children who probably have never experienced a grandmother’s care, start shining. It is worth seeing!
We assist staff of geriatric centers with individual care and simply communicate with residents.
Hope (Nadezhda)
For us the Hope is what unites us with our children in ward from remedial schools, and also it is what makes us a strong and friendly team. The Hope has been existing for 5 years.
        Among us there are those who are in the team from the very beginning, some Hope volunteers have already graduated from OSMU but they continue volunteering because it is hard to part with those who give you warmth of their hearts. And these are not just big words.  We organize entertaining programmes for special children. Like all children, they can give their love and we feel that. We believe that our meetings are useful for them and we hope that we help them cope with their diseases.
       Since 2013, the social adaptation of children with disabilities has been taken as a basis of our work. Of course, it is not easy and preparations can be time consuming and challenging, however you can be sure, that is worth it. These sincere smiles, these happy eyes, this great amount of joy all these run high during meetings, and we forget about anything and everything and focus on their glowing children’s world. 
        Everyone can join us as we receive any help, whether it be acting skills, a car to carry presents or just a gift for a child.
Smile (Ulybka)
       A smile is the most recognizable emotion of the face. A smile is always reflected by a smile. In modern world a smiling person is more successful. A smile is joy and health. In a similar way our direction gives joy and health. The Smile has become very recognizable for a short period of time. Due to what? Everything is simple: thanks to students, children, health, smile. 
 The Smile is intented to increase the level of dental health of the population by means of improving sanitary and hygienic skills necessary for oral prophylaxis.
 We conduct:
  • Classes of Hygiene for adolescents;
  • Thematic fancy-dress shows for young children;
  • Lectures with a presentation guidebook for students and school children.