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Information for the first-year students

OSMU has several buildings, concentrated generally in the center of the city, as well as medical bases at different hospitals. You can easily reach any OSMU building with convenient transport network. Omsk transport includes buses, trolleybuses and tramways.
In buses/trolleybuses/tramways, conductor has portable terminal to accept payment for ticket. Ticket costs 25 rubles with credit card (only contactless MIR, Mastercard, VISA cards are accepted) or 18 Rubles with student transport card (OMKA). Student transport card (OMKA) costs 50 Rubles, it can be purchased at ticket stands at bus stops (student ID card is needed to purchase student transport card). Transport cards (OMKA) are used like wallets and can be charged by bank transfer or through the app or by cash at ticket stands. Transport cards are valid during 3 years. Information on terms and prices http://etk55.ru/
All public transport vehicles can be tracked with yandex maps app.
There are several networks of food stores, like MAGNIT, PYATOROCHKA, FASOL, LENTA, they are distributed all over the city and some of them are at a walking distance to the OSMU dormitories. Apart from canteens and buffets in OSMU buildings there are many KFC restaurants and local networks of canteens near to OSMU.
Clothes, furniture, housewares could be found in a huge supermarket MEGA on the left bank of the Irtish river (includes AUCHAN, LEROY MERLIN, etc.)
You can find information about sightseeing, tourism, cultural events on the official web sites of the Ministry of Culture of Omsk Region https://gotoomsk.ru/ and https://kultura55.ru/
The information on the theatres, museums, parks and other leasure and cultural places https://kultura55.ru/place.
Additional information could be found in the Omsk City Guide, kindly provided by the Ministry of Culture of Omsk Region.