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I Summer School on Gastroenterology, Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities, July 2021

I Summer School on Gastroenterology,
Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities
On July 21-23, I Summer School on Gastroenterology by the Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities took place at the Hospital of Harbin Medical University (China) in a hybrid format, with online and on-site classes. It attracted senior students, Master’s and PhD students in the specialty of Gastroenterology of medical universities of China and Russia.
Each day of Summer School included three lectures dedicated to one or another area of gastroenterology.
The first day started with the opening ceremony and welcome speeches from professors of Harbin Medical University and the leaders of ASRMU from Russia. The first two lectures covered the issues of gut microbiota. At first, Prof. Jin Shizhu revealed the protective mechanisms of intestinal flora and probiotics, which prevent the progression of GIT diseases. And then, Prof. Hu Chen dedicated her report to Helicobacter pylori, including the diagnosis and treatment of Helicobacter pylori-associated diseases. During the final lecture of the first day, Sun Xiaoli not only outlined the key points of clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of the irritable bowel syndrome but also illustrated her words with a clinical case. 
Sun Jitao opened the second day of Summer School with the lecture called «Clinical practice of digestive endoscopy: nowadays and in future». Students got acquainted with the concept of the «4E» era and discussed the application, expected results, and indications for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, endoscopic ultrasound, endoscopic submucosal dissection, and endoscopic variceal ligation. In the lecture «No scars-the footprints of the historical development of endoscopes» Du Bing told about the evolution of endoscopy and abdominal surgery and showed videos demonstrating modern endoscopes and surgical techniques, which allow conducting interventions with minimal tissue damage. After a short break, Zhang Rui reported on the diagnosis and treatment process of acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding.
The final day of the summer school covered various issues of gastroenterology. Fan Qiaowei gave a lecture about the history, epidemiology, serum markers, and treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis. Then Prof. Liu Mingna gave a lesson called «There is a kind of abdominal pain...», during which she shared features of acquiring a clinical history and interviewing a patient with abdominal pain and suggested discussing four clinical cases. The closing lecture by Li Hui was dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis).
At the end of the Summer School, professors expressed their wishes to see everyone on-site at the future School, wished success to students in mastering their future profession, and underscore the importance of Sino-Russian relations, including the collaboration in healthcare.
We thank the International Department of OSMU for the opportunity to participate in this Summer School!
Sino-Russian Gastroenterology School
Ikhtier ZAKIROV, 6th year student, Faculty of General Medicine
Ekaterina SVYATOGOROVA, 5th year student, Faculty of General Medicine