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Sino-Russian Online-Competition «Innovation for Children», March 2021-March 2022

Sino-Russian Online-Competition «Innovation for Children»
From March 2021 to March 2022, the Sino-Russian Online-Competition «Innovation for Children» was held aiming to bring together medical culture and design creativity. The event was organized by the School of Pediatrics and the School of International Education of Nanjing Medical University.
The task of the Competition was to create exquisite and practical products for children. OSMU was represented by the 6th-year students of the Faculty of General Medicine: Elena SAVCHENKO, Yerzhan SERGAZY, Ekaterina SVYATOGOROVA, under the supervision of Svetlana A. PISKLAKOVA. The team presented a project called "Playcognize": a set of useful supplies created for daily use and aimed at introducing children to the world of medicine, allowing children of different ages to learn medical vocabulary in English in a playful way. For preschool children, the team created the set of cubes in a form of a jigsaw puzzle decorated with a letter of the English Alphabet, a medical term starting with this letter, and a matching illustration. For older children, they offered Board Magnets designed the same way and USB-Flashcards with the medicine-related illustration for everyday use. The team made physical models of the products and created a video presenting the use of the products by children.
According to the decision of the jury panel, the OSMU team was awarded the first place!
The team expresses their deepest gratitude to Irina N. LEVCHENKO, a teacher at the E. V. Gurov Children's Art School №3, for her contribution to product design and invaluable pieces of advice.
We are enormously grateful to Evgeny V. KHOROLSKY, a resident of the Department of Preventive Dentistry, for his help during the filming process.
We express a gratitude to Evgeniya V. IVANOVA, Prof. Asst. of the Department of Pharmaceutical, Analytical and Toxicological Chemistry for the marvelous children, the main participants of a final video.
The team would like to thank Olga GAIDUK, a Head of the Creativity Center of M.A. Vrubel Art Museum, and her team for giving opportunity to film a video in one of the class of the Center and for creation a warm, friendly and creative atmosphere during our joint work.
Team of the International Affairs Department