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Association of Dental Students and Young Dentists

The world lies all before you!
       Dentistry is developing every minute and it is difficult to keep up with all innovations all the time. Our Association is a team of energetic and interesting people. By means of our projects, we are trying to provide ground for self-improvement of young specialists and students . By taking part in the ADSYD projects, a student or a young specialist is given a unique opportunity to learn new technologies, methods of treatment, to share experience with colleagues both from Russia and other countries.  
     The Association of Dental Students and Young Dentists is an association of dental students and young doctors (who obtained Diplomas of Higher Education not more than 10 years ago), who are studying or working within the Russian Federation.
     The Association unites all its members to encourage them to study Dentistry, to do research and clinical activity in Dentistry, to promote domestic and international mobility of young dentists of Russia.
     The General Assembly is a governing body that meet at least once a year to run a business of the Association, to make its plan of activities brought forward. Delegates from group members, individual members, and partners participate in the General Assembly.  
     The Executive Committee is a chief executive body that consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary General, Treasurer, Editor, Ex-President.
     To structure areas of activity there are permanent and temporary committees in the Association. 
There are 8 permanent committees in the Association:
1. Committee for International Cooperation
2. Committee for Science and Innovation
3. Committee for Clinical Dentistry
4. Committee for Prevention of Dental Diseases
5. Committee for Volunteering
6. Committee for Public Health in Dentistry
7. Committee for Work with Applicants
8. Committee for Public Relations
The Permanent Committees can form working groups and task teams to perform their activities.
The members of the Executive Committee and leaders of the Permanent Committees are elected for a term of two years. Besides, there is a position of the Selected President.
The Association cooperates with the International Association of Dental Students and the European Dental Students' Association. It implements global international projects together with them at Russian level. All members of the Association can take part in these projects.
Membership in the Association is FREE OF CHARGE: individually and in a group.