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Congratulations on the Professional Holiday!

Dear colleagues and students!
World Diabetes Day and Endocrinology Day are held on November 14. They both were established in 1991 with support from WHO and International Diabetes Federation in response to the increased incidence of diabetes. This data coincides with the birth date of Canadian scientist Frederick Banting (born on November 14, 1891), who discovered insulin. The discovery of insulin saved millions of patients' lives. Today, diabetes is still one of the main diseases treated by endocrinologists. They also help patients with osteoporosis, obesity, pathologies of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, hypothalamic-pituitary and reproductive systems.
Nowadays, medical technology can save the lives of those patients who ten or fifteen years ago would have been called terminally ill. But advanced technologies, innovative and breakthrough methods will not replace the driving force of healthcare - it will always be medical workers with their loyalty to the profession, attention to patients, and the desire to improve their knowledge! We congratulate endocrinologists on their professional holiday and wish them good health, well-being and further success in their work! 
Prof. Maria A. LIVZAN, MD, PhD, Rector of OSMU,
Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences