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Congratulations on the Professional Holiday!

Dear colleagues and students!
On December 1 we celebrate International Neurologist’s Day - a professional medical holiday honoring specialists and scientists whose work is aimed at the prevention and treatment of the central and peripheral nervous systems disorders.
Neurology has a special place among other medical specialties because nervous system affects all life processes. That is why a whole range of human diseases can be due to neurological causes, and disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system can lead to malfunction of many organs and physiological processes. Diagnosis, detection and treatment of such disorders is the main concern of neurologists.
The significant role of neurology for medicine and society is determined by the severity of clinical manifestations and consequences of neurological disorders.  More than centenary ago, in 1921, the Neurological Clinic was established in OSMU, and today Omsk scientific school of neurology is considered one of the acknowledged and significant ones, which has brought up many generations of brilliant neurologists.
Dear colleagues, thanks to your work it becomes possible not only to restore patient’s health but sometimes to return the lost ability to work, the joy of communication, the active life. We wish you good health, inexhaustible strength and energy in achieving your goals, balance of mind and harmony!
Prof. Maria A. LIVZAN, MD, PhD, Rector of OSMU,
Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences