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Graduation Ceremony for College Students

On June 26, 2026, the Graduation Ceremonies for 37 graduates of the Laboratory Diagnostics Department and 169 graduates of the Pharmacy Department took place in OSMU College. Among them were 8 medical laboratory technicians and 25 pharmacy technicians who graduated with honors. The best graduates of OSMU College were awarded with certificates and letters of gratitude.
The next day, 86 graduates of the General Medicine Department of OSMU College received their diplomas, including 18 students who graduated with honors.
The congratulatory speeches were delivered by Prof. Maria A. LIVZAN, MD, PhD, Rector of OSMU, Corresponding Member of RAS, Assoc. Prof. Elena B. PAVLINOVA, MD, PhD, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Marina M. KARDAEVA, Director of OSMU College, and Yulia P. NIKITYUK and Irina V. DULEVA, Heads of the College Departments. They congratulated the graduates on a significant event in their lives, thanked them for their love and loyalty to the chosen profession and for strengthening the best traditions of secondary vocational education.
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