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Graduation Ceremony for the Students of the Dentistry Faculty

On July 2, a solemn meeting of the Council of the Dentistry Faculty dedicated to the 60th Anniversary Graduation of dentistry students took place in the assembly hall of the OSMU College.
This year, 104 students of the Dentistry Faculty have graduated, 8 of them have received honours degrees.
Prof. Larisa M. LOMIASHVILI, Dean of the Dentistry Faculty, Prof. Assoc. Galina I. SKRIPKINA, Head of the Pediatric Dentistry Department, and Prof. Assoc. Elena B. PAVLINOVA, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Head of the Department of Hospital Pediatrics, congratulated graduates and wished them a successful start of professional and scientific activities.
The administration of OSMU and Deanery of the Dentistry Faculty also presented Letters of Gratitude to students who actively participated in international and national scientific conferences, volunteering, sports, and creative work.
After the parting words of their teachers and mentors, graduates expressed their congratulations and gratitude to teachers and parents.
At the end of the solemn meeting of the Council of the Dentistry Faculty, graduates uttered the doctor’s oath.
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