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ХХXI International e-Congress «Innovative Technologies in Dentistry»

On March 1-2, 2023, OSMU hosted the ХХXI International e-Congress «Innovative Technologies in Dentistry» organized by Russian Dental Association, Omsk Dental Association, Ministry of Health of the Omsk Region, and OSMU. The event attracted specialists from seven counties, including Russia, Ireland, Bulgaria, Moldova, Belarus, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.
Prof. Larissa M. LOMIASHVILI, DDM, PhD, Dean of the Dentistry Faculty of OSMU, Head of the Preventive Dentistry Department, started off the Congress with the welcoming speech and the report on the main areas of research activity of the Dentistry Faculty.
During the two days, 55 reports were presented. Representatives of the world dental community discussed topical issues of diseases of the oral mucosa, cancer awareness, problems of aesthetic dentistry, rehabilitation of the orofascial system. OSMU scientists told about their scientific discoveries: molecular and genetic assessment of the development of caries and periodontitis; clinical and laboratory study of the dental hard tissues pathology in caries; an individual differentiated approach to the management of patients with periodontal tissue diseases; anatomical and topographic features of the maxillofacial apparatus with reference to the lymphatic apparatus; results of the clinical study in patients with lichen planus; an algorithm for orthopedic treatment based on implants; psychological characteristics of patients with TMJ; and the results of original studies of spherical ceramic calcium phosphates- and calcium silicates-based granules.
The Conference was aimed at uniting doctors worldwide to address the issues of the etiology of caries, algorithms for preventive measures for dental hard tissues, periodontium, and oral mucosa pathologies, interdisciplinary approaches in the aesthetic dental rehabilitation of patients.
The results of scientific research and development of the staff of the departments of the Dental Faculty of OSMU are widely implemented into the educational process of the Dental Faculties of Russian universities. The following research directions are actively developing in our university: prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal tissue diseases; restorative dentistry; new measures for dental diseases prevention and treatment.
Sharing information about new, highly effective innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment will improve the level of training of dentists and the management of people with the oral cavity diseases.