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Interregional Scientific Conference “Rare Neurology” Was Held

On May 17, the Interregional Scientific Conference “Rare Neurology” was held, which aimed to transfer advanced clinical experience and modern knowledge in neurology to the professional community. Roman A. DELOV, MD, PhD, Prof. Assoc. of the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, including Postgraduate Training Courses, Chairperson of the Omsk Regional Association of Neurologists in his opening speech noted that the name and focus of the Conference were not chosen by chance. It was aimed at obtaining up-to-date information about modern possibilities for diagnosis and treatment of patients with rare neurological diseases.
The Conference was held in a mixed format and brought together neurologists from Omsk and Moscow with reports on current issues in the diagnosis and treatment of myasthenia gravis, differential diagnosis of frequent myopathies, hereditary ataxias with onset in childhood, scientific and practical aspects of long-term use of anti-CD20 therapy for multiple sclerosis using the example of the subcutaneous form, the current state of the problem and assessment of the quality of medical care for Parkinson's disease. The topic of the speech by Roman A. DELOV was “ATTR polyneuropathy - “dark forest” or “ray at the end of the tunnel”, meanwhile Sergei A. Kurbatov, MD, PhD, senior researcher at the Research Institute of Experimental Biology and Medicine of the Burdenko University, geneticist of the highest qualification category, neurologist,  conducted a master class “Diagnostics and differential diagnosis of neuromuscular diseases.”
Thanks to comprehensive coverage of the problems of “rare neurology” by all speakers, Conference listeners were introduced to interesting, relevant, interactive reports and were able to take an active part in the event. This made it possible to exchange experiences that contribute to improving neurological care for patients.
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