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«Medication Without Harm» Action by Medical Volunteers

World Patient Safety Day is celebrated each year on September 17. To mark an event, OSMU Medical Volunteers, with the support of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare, held an action «Medication Without Harm». The campaign included several activities in different formats.
Medical Volunteers visited Siberian Vocational College where they gave a fascinating talk on the side effects and specifics of the most common drugs, and instructed participants on questions everyone should ask a doctor when receiving a prescription. College students gained invaluable knowledge, and it will surely come in handy!
A public lecture for the older generation of volunteers was held at the «United Russia» Party Public Support Office. In a talk on medication safety, participants learned about the indications and the frequency of drug administration. Medical Volunteers paid special attention to practical tips and reminded to not stop pharmacotherapy once symptoms subside, and always consult with a doctor when side effects appear.
Together with Omsk Center for Prevention, Medical Volunteers organized a flashmob to draw attention to the issue of irrational drug use.
A huge thank you to all participants and our partners! Take care of yourself!
OSMU Press Center