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OSMU Students Volunteered in Organizing the Forum of Oncologists of Siberia and the Far East

OSMU students volunteered in organizing the Forum of Oncologists of Siberia and the Far East. This major scientific event was held in Omsk on May 16-17 at the Regional Public Relations Center. It was organized by the Association of Oncological Organizations of Siberia and the Far East and the Omsk Clinical Cancer Center. OSMU students assisted their future colleagues with the registration and guidance of forum participants.
The forum program covered the most pressing issues in the fields of oncology, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, radiology, urology, gynecologic oncology, surgery, mammology, proctology, clinical laboratory diagnostics, healthcare organization, and other related specialties. Through thematic sections, symposia, discussions, and master classes, modern aspects of general and abdominal oncology, uro-oncology, radiotherapy, and molecular diagnostic research were explored.
OSMU Department of Youth Policy and Social Development