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Press Conference «Healthy Nutrition as a Factor Affecting Longevity»

On July 8, Press Conference «Healthy Nutrition as a Factor Affecting Longevity» took place within the framework of the regional program «Forming a system of motivating citizens to a healthy lifestyle, including healthy nutrition and breaking bad habits» and national project «Demography».
Invited speakers included Professor Maria A. LIVZAN, Rector of OSMU, Head of the Department of Internal Diseases (intermediate level) and Gastroenterology; Yulia V. MENSHCHIKOVA, Deputy Head of the Department for Surveillance of the Conditions of Education and Training and Nutrition of the Population of the Rospotrebnadzor Office in the Omsk Region; and Mikhail A. POLYAK, Head of the Department for the Development, Implementation, and Monitoring of Public Health Programs of the Regional Public Health and Preventive Medicine Center. They highlighted the issues of the effect of food on human health, including the development of diseases as a consequence of an unhealthy diet; what is rational and balanced nutrition; which eating habits are better to break; how to choose and prepare natural and quality products.
Maria A. LIVZAN stated that a sedentary lifestyle and dietary habits in the world of an overabundance of fast food, carbonated beverages, and fast-digesting carbs had led to changes in the incidence of diseases. She also mentioned that if you experience any symptoms, you should visit a gastroenterologist rather than search for information on your own on the Internet.
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