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Press Conference «Pneumonia: Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehabilitation»

On November 19, 2021, a press conference «Pneumonia: Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehabilitation» was held in the House of Journalists. During a conference, Prof. Anna V. MIRDYK, Head of the Department of Phthisiology, Phthisiosurgery and Infectious Diseases, and Prof. Vadim A. AKHMEDOV, Head of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation (Postgraduate Course), have addressed many important topics. 

Experts told about the causes of pneumonia, risk groups, differential diagnosis with acute respiratory infections, red flag symptoms, modern approaches to diagnosis and treatment of the disease, the prevention of complications, and rehabilitation methods. Special attention was brought to pneumonia associated with the COVID-19 infection, specifics of the course and the pathogenesis of the disease. Doctors explained that treatment for the coronavirus infection is carried out following constantly updated clinical guidelines. 

The experts also drew attention to the importance of vaccination. It is the only way to protect your loved ones and keep everyone around healthy. 


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