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Protecting Hearts

On September 28, a press conference called «Protecting Hearts» was held in the House of Journalists. It was timed to the World Heart Day, which is celebrated annually on September 29 World Heart Day is a global medical campaign aimed at raising awareness about the cardiovascular diseases (CVD), their causes, and methods for prevention. In 2022, educational and medical events will be held in Russian cities in order to inform citizens on the CVD prevention.
Galina I. NECHAEVA, MD, PhD, Professor of the Internal Medicine and Family Medicine (Postgraduate Course) Department, cardiologists, and Vera E. KUKHTA, Head of the Communication and Public Projects Department of the Regional Center for Public Health and Medical Prevention, told about the most common heart diseases, their causes, risk factors, preventive measures and also mentioned the events which are held in the Omsk Region in the framework of the «Protecting Hearts» Campaign.
Galina NECHAEVA recalled that CVD mortality represents almost 50% of all global deaths. The modifiable factors for CVD are unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and overweight. She also mentioned stress as a major risk factor, which makes anxiety and depression tests reasonable for patients. High blood pressure is another risk factor, which can shorten a person's life by 20 years.
Besides that Galina NECHAEVA paid attention to the child-rearing features that will help them to avoid CVD in future, the possibilities to prevent children from stress, and also the ways to reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes and other heart diseases.