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The Annual Conference «International Student Exchange Programs at Omsk State Medical University»

The Annual Conference «International Student Exchange Programs at Omsk State Medical University» took place on September 18, 2023. In this academic year, the Сonference was held in an online format, attracting students from all faculties, residents, and healthcare specialists.
The Conference commenced with warm welcoming words from Svetlana A. PISKLAKOVA, Head of the Department of International Affairs. She outlined the key requirements for participants in international academic exchange programs and the stages of election for international activities. Proficiency in the English language is a primary requirement for students. This academic year, the first selection stage is scheduled for September 20th, and it involves online testing. Students from all faculties and residents are invited to participate. The second selection stage entails in-person interviews. Svetlana PISKLAKOVA also emphasized that personal qualities and academic achievements are equally important factors in the selection process, including qualities such as discipline, responsibility, and a minimum GPA of 4.0.
Elena LOGINOVA spoke about her experiences participating in international medical Online Schools. She shared the history of the creation of such Schools and highlighted the role of telecommunication technologies in transitioning international schools to an online format. Notably, thanks to collaboration with colleagues from China, we have successfully organized and conducted three online schools since 2021: the IV International Medical Online School «Reproductive Health of Adolescents», the Sino-Russian On-Line forum «The Burning Issues in Otorhinolaryngology and Beyond…», and the Sino-Russian On-Line School «Innovative Technologies in Dentistry». We are committed to further expanding the thematic scope of our schools and engaging new participating countries in cooperation with our University.