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The National Olympiad on Pediatrics with International Participation

On March 4, 7, and 11, OSMU hosted the National Olympiad on Pediatrics with International Participation. The event attracted 37 teams from 18 Russian cities and neighboring countries. OSMU was represented by 7 teams. 

Participants demonstrated their profound knowledge and professional skills in 3 stages. The first stage included test-solving, and the second stage was a case-solving competition. Based on the results of two stages, the five most successful teams advanced to the finals, where students role-played a telehealth consultation in elective care, emergency, and urgent care. 

The OSMU team «NatusNeonatus» showed the best results, alongside the teams from Saratov (II place) and Tver (III place). 

The OSMU team includes students from the Faculty of Pediatrics (Elizaveta A. DUBROVINA, Kristina V. POPOVSKAYA, Tatiana S. ZYABKINA), supervised by Olga A. SAVCHENKO, MD, PhD, Prof. Assoc. of the Department of Pediatrics (Advanced Course). 

- This is not the first time we've taken part in this competition. This year, the Olympiad was exceptionally intense, the given tasks were quite difficult and versatile. The gained experience is especially useful for us as graduating students, we tested our clinical thinking and decision-making skills in different situations! We want to express our deepest gratitude to Prof. Elena B. PAVLINOVA, MD, PhD, Head of the Department of Pediatrics (Advanced Course) and the staff of the Department for organizing this great competition! – said members of the team.

We congratulate all participants and winners of the Olympiad! You tested your strengths and determined a new vector for development. We wish you high achievements and victories!


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