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The National Scientific Conference «Cancer Prevention and Early Diagnosis in Primary Care: Solving Problems Together»

The National Scientific Conference «Cancer Prevention and Early Diagnosis in Primary Care: Solving Problems Together» took place on March 4. The event was organized by OSMU, the Russian Scientific Medical Society of Internal Medicine (RSMSIM), the Scientific Society of Gastroenterologists of Russia (GSSR), the Ministry of Public Health of the Omsk Region, National Medical Research Center for Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine (NMDRC IMPM), Russian Society for Prevention of Non-Infectious Diseases (RSPNID) and Omsk Regional Center for Public Health and Medical Prevention.

Prof. Oksana M. DRAPKINA, MD, PhD, President of RSPNID, Director of NMDRC IMPM, Chief Specialist in Internal Medicine and General Practice, RAS Academician, addressed the participants with a welcoming speech. She noted that the Сonference provides a platform for joint discussion between specialists in primary care and doctors of outpatient cancer centers. 

«General practitioner in primary care has to be the first to suspect cancer and make a rational diagnostic plan based on recent guidelines», - says Prof. Anatoly I. MARTYNOV, MD, PhD, RAS Academician, President of RSMSIM.

«The only way to preserve patients' quality of life is through early diagnosis of both precancer and early stages of cancer. The Federal project «Cancer Treatment and Prevention» focuses on primary care as a key link in assessing cancer risk factors and conducting screening during the early stages. The Conference introduces doctors to up-to-date technologies in oncology» - noted Prof. Maria A. LIVZAN, MD, PhD, OSMU Rector, Chairperson of Omsk Regional Center for Public Health and Medical Prevention, Chief External Specialists in Internal Diseases in Siberian Federal District, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Dmitry M. VYUSHKOV, MD, PhD, Chairperson of the plenary session, Acting Head of the OSMU Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy (Postgraduate Course), has noted that the Conference covers burning issues of several areas (internal medicine, gastroenterology, oncology, radiology). The actual reports include useful tips for practical medicine, shared by co-authors of clinical guidelines corresponding to the international recommendations. 

Galina I. NECHAEVA, MD, PhD, Honored OSMU Professor, Professor of the OSMU Department of Internal Medicine and Family Medicine (Postgraduate Course), Honorary Doctor of the Russian Federation, has also mentioned that Conference brings the practical refraction to topics of the latest scientific achievements.

The plenary session «Combating cancer in the Russian Federation in the framework of the National Project-2024: on the way to achieving the goal» took place during the first half of the day. Participants heard the reports on the following topics: up-to-date strategies for cancer management in Russia and worldwide, and the current state of the Omsk Regional program on cancer treatment and prevention. Leading specialists presented their research on issues of gastrointestinal cancer, including a report by Prof. M. A. LIVZAN entitled «Chronic atrophic gastritis as a premalignant condition», a report by Prof. A. V. KONONOV entitled «Gastric cancer and preventable death», a report by Prof. L. B. LAZEBNIK entitled «Premalignant diseases of esophagus and stomach», a report by Prof. Yu. P. USPENSKII entitled «New opportunities for early gastric cancer prevention».

OSMU specialists of the Internal Medicine Departments shared their views in the framework of two symposiums: «From diagnosis to effective therapy» and «Treatment of premalignant lesions: current trends, multidisciplinary approach». 

The National Scientific Conference «Cancer Prevention and Early Diagnosis in Primary Care: Solving Problems Together» became a landmark event in the life of OSMU and the scientific oncology community in Russia. The event gave researchers the opportunity to exchange their ideas and experience and allowed younger students to join the scientific oncology community.


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