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UMNIK-2022 Final

On November 25, the UMNIK-2022 Final was held in the regional business incubator, where thirty-three participants presented their projects to the Jury. UMNIK Competition attracts students, PhD students, and young scientists at the age of 18-30, citizens of the Russian Federation who have not previously won UMNIK Competition, and whose projects have scientific novelty, relevance, as well as the prospect of commercialization. The winners of the competition will receive a grant of 500 thousand rubles for one year for research work.
Six students and one assistant professor of OSMU took part in the UMNIK-2022 Final, and all of them were declared winners, which implies getting the funding for their projects.
We congratulate them on the well-deserved awards:
1. Vera V. PODGURSKAYA, Prof. Asst. of the Pharmaceutical, Analytical and Toxicological Chemistry Department «Development of post-peel skin care products».
2. Nikolai KIRICHENKO, 3rd-year PhD Student of the Epidemiology Department, Junior research assistant of the OSMU Research Laboratory «Test system project for real-time PCR: “NETOS-polymorphism”».
3. Maria STEPANCHENKO, 2nd-year PhD Student of the Morbid Anatomy Department «Development of an ergonomic construction to optimize the workspace».
4. Eugenia KLUCHNIKOVA, 2nd-year PhD Student of the Pathophysiology Department «Development of precision diagnostics technology "implantation window" for increased efficiency of the in vitro fertilization procedure».
5. Marina KAZAKOVA, 2nd-year Resident of the Obstetrics and Gynecology №2 Department «Development of an electronic assistant in the treatment of women with postpartum endometritis after C-section».
6. Polina PAKHTUSOVA, 2nd-year Resident of the Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics (Postgraduate Course) Department of OSMU, research assistant of the OSMU Research Laboratory «Development of a diagnostic test system for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay “Netoz-test”».
7. Anastasia PUKHA, 5th-year student of the General Medicine Faculty «Development of universal histochemical staining technology to improve the quality of biopsy diagnostics of GI-tract diseases».
After the final approval of the results of the competition by the Directorate of the Fund, we wish them the successful implementation of all projects for the benefit of the national healthcare!
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