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White Chamomile Day

On March 24, TB doctors celebrate their professional holiday. This is World Tuberculosis Day or White Chamomile Day. Prof. Anna V. Mordyk, MD, PhD, Head of the Phthisiology, Pulmonology and Infectious Diseases Department, tells about the achievements and scientific discoveries in phthisiology at the Omsk State Medical University.
- Our Phthisiology, Pulmonology and Infectious Diseases Department is constantly engaged not only in educational work related to teaching students, phthisiatricians, and doctors of all specialties in the features of detection, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, and treatment of tuberculosis but also methodological and scientific work.
By the World TB day this year, the department organizes the Olympiad "Phthisioquiz" for 6th-grade students, 11 student teams have applied. I think that the competition will be successful and productive. Our students took part in the Olympiad on Phthisiology in Barnaul; they took the 2d honored place in the competition. We took part in the Olympiad on tuberculosis in Saratov, where they took 1st place. Omsk students participated in the Competition of Young Scientists in the All-Russian conference with international participation entitled "Tuberculosis and modern infections: new challenges and prospects", dedicated to the memory of Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences M.I. Perelman.
The department has postgraduate studies in the specialty of phthisiology, and scientific and qualification researches for the PhD degree are carried out and defended. Each work contributes to the improvement of medical care for a certain category of patients with tuberculosis and improves the results of its treatment and diagnosis. Now the staff of the department is developing a scientific direction on "Comorbidity in tuberculosis and infectious diseases patients”.
The department holds 4 conferences a year for doctors of various specialties, including phthisiatricians. The last conference brought together 120 participants of various specialties; it took place on February 17, 2023, and was devoted to infections of the lower respiratory tract (pneumonia). It addressed the issues of differential diagnosis of tuberculosis and pneumonia in children and adults.
In general, it must be remembered that tuberculosis is a disease that can affect all organs and systems of a person. Usually, patients feel the need for additional information about tuberculosis. Most of the information about the provision of anti-tuberculosis care to the population is presented on the websites of anti-tuberculosis institutions in our country, in almost any region, including the Omsk region.
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