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XI Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Russia: new opportunities for fruitful partnership

The XI Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia was held simultaneously in three Belarusian cities - Vitebsk, Polotsk and Novopolotsk. Its main topic was “The role of interregional cooperation in building the innovative economy of the Union State”. The forum included nine sections with the participation of senators of the Russian Federation and their Belarusian colleagues, representatives of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and regions of Belarus, relevant ministries and departments, municipal authorities of the two countries, as well as business, science and culture.
The sectional meeting “Innovative medicine and pharmacy in the Union State: priority directions and development prospects” was held at the Vitebsk State People’s Friendship Medical University (VSMU).
OSMU was represented at the event by Prof. Larisa M. LOMIASHVILI, DMD, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, and Irina N. KORNEEVA, PhD in Chemistry, Assoc. Prof. of the Pharmaceutical, Analytical and Toxicological Chemistry Department, who took an active part in the work of the section, and upon its completion met with long-time partners from the Belarusian State Medical University, Assoc. Prof. S.A.  PARKHOMOVICH and Assoc. Prof. L.A.  KAZEKO, Prof. Asst. E.A. LAPATUKHTIN and Prof. Asst. E.Yu.  PSTYGA, as well as scientific and pedagogical workers of specialized faculties and departments of VSMU for more detailed planning of further joint work.
Colleagues of the Pharmacy Faculty of VSMU introduced the scientific and educational Center for Molecular Genetic and Biotechnological Research under the leadership of E.S.  PASHINSKAYA. Also during the visit OSMU delegation visited the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Laboratory under the leadership of T.N. GONCHAROVA. 
Employees of the Dentistry Faculty of VSMU under the leadership of Ivan Yu. KARPUK, DMD, PhD, Dean of the Dentistry Faculty, and Yuri P. CHERNYAVSKY, DMD, PhD, Head of the Department of Preventive Dentistry, organized a warm welcome for the delegation. During the visit, Prof. Larisa M. LOMIASHVILI gave a lecture “Implementation of modern technologies for modeling teeth in the discipline “Dentistry”, and also spoke about the experience of cooperation with the Belarusian State Medical University.  At the end of the visit, everyone expressed the opinion that the meeting opens up new opportunities for fruitful partnerships and provides incentive for further work. 
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