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Scientific Society for Young Scientists and Students

Scientific Society for Young Scientists and Students
1. Assess comprehensive knowledge and professional skills.
2. Identify talented students.
3. Form the interest to studying and prepare for a future career, shape an active social position.
4. Simulate situations that boost creativity under conditions of strict limitations and responsibility for the result.
5. Boost personal and professional growth of teachers who actively participate in the organization of the scientific events.
6. Create meaningful interaction between teachers and students, transfer and consolidate experience, create conditions for forming personal contact and interesting dialogue between representatives of different generations.
Young Scientist School
As part of the Young Scientist School, OSMU holds annual seminars:
- Literature Review: Goals, Objectives and Methods
- Research Methodology and Layout Rules
- Statistics in the Research of a Young Medical University Scientiste than two thousand students of the University. The major work is carried out in students’ scientific societies at the departments of the University. Students are presidential scholarship holders as young scientists and postgraduate students who conduct advanced research and development in priority areas of Russian economy’s modernization, as well as grant holders of the Innovation Promotion Fund (UMNIK programme).
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