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Vice-Rector for Research

Prof. Assoc. Olga V. KORPACHEVA, MD, PhD
Vice-Rector for Research, Head of the Department of Pathophysiology
Author of more than 100 scientific works
1987 – successfully graduated the Faculty of General Medicine of Omsk State Medical University
1993 – defense of PhD thesis entitled Correction of Post-resuscitation Functional and Metabolic Cardiac Injury with the Use of Verapamil and Creatine Phosphate
1998 – graduated the Residency Program in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care
2008 – graduated Novosibirsk State Medical University («Teacher in Higher Education»)
2009 – defense of a doctoral thesis entitled Mechanisms of Myocardial Dysfunction and Metabolic Cytoprotection in Heart Contusion (experimental study)
Professional Career:
From 1993 Professor Assistant of the Department of Pathophysiology
From 2002 Associate Professor of the Department of Pathophysiology
The Departments and Units under Supervision:
Central Research Laboratory
Research Laboratory of the Dentistry Faculty
Department for Research
PhD and Doctoral Education
Dissertation Councils
Department for Innovative Projects, Research & Scientific Development
Youth Innovation Center
Scientific Society for Young Scientists and Students
Science and Technology Council
Local Ethics Committee
Problem Committees
Contact Information:
Address: ul. Lenina, 12, office 228, Omsk 644099, Russia
Tel.: +7 (3812) 95-68-56
E-mail: sciencedep@omsk-osma.ru