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Prof. Assoc. Elena A. LUKSHA, PhD (in Pharmacy)
Dean of the Pharmacy Faculty
Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical, Analytical and Toxicological Chemistry
Educational Programme on Pharmacy
Field of study: Pharmacy
Specialty code: 33.05.01
Qualification: Pharmacist
Duration: 5 years
Mode of study: full-time
Language: Russian
The educational programme in Pharmacy is a complex system of documents that is developed in compliance with requirements of the labour market based on the Federal State Educational Standard followed by the qualification Pharmacist awarded.
A pharmacist works in the field of applied Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science that deals with the development and application of technologies to preserve and improve the whole system of drug circulation and other pharmaceutical products.
The tasks of a pharmacist are drugs distribution, including development, research, production, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, quality control, advertising and destruction of expired drugs and other pharmaceutical products.
Awarding the qualification Pharmacist is allowed to continue to study in residency and PhD programmes.
Education process at the Faculty is provided by OSMU academic and teaching staff.
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Address: ul. 20 let RKKA, 15, office 15, Omsk 644001, Russia
Tel/Fax: +7 (3812) 37-03-60