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OSMU College

Dear friends,
We are glad to welcome you on the web page of one of the oldest secondary educational institutions in Siberian Region – OSMU College.
Our College has been training highly qualified medical staff whose work is invaluable. Whatever time our country has experienced, be it the years of the Civil War, Great Patriotic War or periods of political and economic restructuring of our country, highly professional teachers continue working and preparing wonderful specialists, who are in great demand from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad in any fields of modern medicine.
We are proud of our graduates, whose level and quality of training always stay high. Over the period of work of the College, more than 50 thousand professionals graduated from it. And now, relying on the latest medical technologies and methods of teaching, the College is training modern specialists of a new generation.
Since 5th December 2011, the College is a structural subdivision of Omsk State Medical University, one of the most prestigious Universities in Siberian Region. This integration allows improving the academic, scientific and educational work with College students. Every year, we rise to a higher level, there will be new achievements, and the quality of these achievements depends only on our mutual and fruitful cooperation with you.
We wish you a pleasant acquaintance with the College. We are open to new students and employees. We will be glad to welcome you to our team of like-minded people!