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About Omsk

Omsk was founded by Buchgolts in 1716. It is a stunning and beautiful city in West Siberia; it sparkles and has a lot of the architectural details that anyone misses. Omsk is situated on the banks of the Irtish and Om rivers. Population is over 1.5 million people. Omsk is a city of green spaces. Parks, which are situated in the heart of the city, attract huge crowds of city slickers on Saturdays and on Sundays.  In Omsk history lives side by side with the present and the future. There are a lot of museums and historic places, which are carefully kept by our citizens. Omsk is truly a kaleidoscopic of districts, cultures and individuals.
General Facts:
Territory– 572,9 sq. km
Population (2005 year) - 1 149 000
Distance from Omsk to Moscow – 2555 km;
to Novosibirsk (neighbouring large city) – 575 km
about 80 nationalities (Deutsch, Ukranian, Tatars, Kasakhs etc.)
Fortunately, we can enjoy all seasons during a year. We have snowing winters and rainy falls, blooming springs and sunny summers. Omsk weather is unpredictable. Average temperatures vary from 0Cº to -45Cº in winter, and from +10Cº to+ 40Cº in summer. Spring and autumn temperature is +10Cº –+ 15Cº.
105 public schools
10 private schools
9 Universities
Over 63 000 students
8 professional theatres
83 Libraries
9 Museums (Regional museum, Dostoevsky Museum, Vrubel Art Museum, and others)
Concert Hall and Organ Hall
You can use different kinds of transport to reach Omsk. We have the largest railway station in Siberia, which is a part of the outstanding Trans-Siberian Magistral, a Bus station, a Riverboat station, as well as an airport. 
The travel by plane is more comfortable and fast way to arrive in our city; it takes only three hours from Moscow to Omsk.
Traveling by train is pleasant as well for people who enjoy long-distance trips.
It takes 42 hours to reach our city by train and admire the immense spaces of Russia.
Food and entertainment
Small cafes and restaurants have never lost their popularity; they are still great places for conversation. Types of cafes vary considerably from quite rural establishments to city cafes where different sorts of entertainment such as drama and live music can often be found. You may test our delicious Russian dishes. Cordial and friendly atmosphere overwhelms you.
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