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Omsk Photo Gallery

Welcome to Omsk and OSMU
Welcome to Omsk Airport
Welcome to Omsk Railway Station
Welcome to Omsk River Sation
View of Omsk
Irtysh Gates
Omsk Gates
Tobolsk Gates
Tara Gates
Bridge across the Irtysh
The drift of ice on the Irtysh River
The Om Riverbank
View of Ulitsa Lenina
Omsk Medical University
Omsk Medical University
Omsk Medical University
View of Lubinsky Prospekt
Monument Lyubochka
Kamergersky Pereulok
The sculpture «Policeman of the 19th Century»
One of Omsk Fontains
Omsk Drama Theater
Omsk Drama Theater
Mikhail Vrubel Omsk Art Museum
Dormition Cathedral (Uspensky Sobor)
Dormition Cathedral (Uspensky Sobor) at nignt
Omsk Musical Theater
Omsk Art Museum named after Alexey Liberov
Monument to A Loving Couple
Sculpture «Empire», Buchholz Square
Hermitage in Siberia_Omsk Branch
Museum of Civil War and Admiral Kolchak's Residence
Peter and Fevronia from Murom
Concert Hall
Omsk Art Museum of Kondratiy Belov
Ulitsa Chokana Valikhanova
Omsk Puppet Theater «Arlekin»
Circus at night